101 Class


The purpose of the 101 class is not to provide a detailed teaching on each of the subjects. Rather, the class presents the truths and positions held at NCF to create a foundation for alignment.

The NCF leadership is asking that everyone at NCF attend the 101 class.  By presenting our vision, mission and beliefs, the 101 class will be an important step in building a foundation of unity. We want to come into alignment as a team to accomplish the goals God has for this local body.  101 is laying out our playbook so each person can understand what we're about here at NCF.

Some of the questions you will be able to answer after participating in 101:
What is our vision and mission at NCF?
Can I come into alignment with this vision and commit to these goals?
What do we believe? (Including our non-negotiable beliefs and doctrine)?
Do I agree with this doctrine?
Can I fully engage and pursue what God has called me and the local body to do?
What ministries are offered at NCF?

You may agree with the doctrine, but if the vision does not align with what God has put in your heart, there may be a different local body for you to align with.  We desire that each person be fitly joined in the body so they can offer their supply and accomplish the great things God has designed them to do.  We are building a championship culture for the Kingdom.  It takes a team of people with one goal, stepping up into their roles to win a championship.

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Hear all 3 sessions by completing the following:

1. Attend all 3 live sessions at NCF


2. Attend 2 of the 3 live sessions at NCF and listen to the audio recording of the session you were unable to attend live.

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101 Class Audio

Missed a session? Listen in the player below. Also available in our iTunes Podcast (search "NCF Stillwater" in your Podcast app) or in our Listen Now player.

Intro to 101
(Sun 05-18-14)
Pastor CJ, Greg, and Cornell share NCF's vision for alignment and the new members 101 class that will be an important step in building a foundation of unity.

Class 1 of 3
(Wed 05-21-14)
Topics Included: Our Family (What does it mean to be part of the family?, The First Step, How to become part of the family); Welcome to the Family (Called by the Father); Our Foundation (The Bible, God)

Class 2 of 3
(Wed 05-28-14)
Topics Included: The Trinity, The Bible, Salvation, Eternity, Water Baptism, Baptism in the Holy Spirit, Church, Communion, Spiritual Gifts

Class 3 of 3
(Wed 06-04-14)
Topics Included: Stewardship, Giving, End Times, Morality, Ministries Offered at NCF