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P R O P H E T I C  M I N I S T R Y : " A  D A N C E  O F  H O N O R "
On this Sunday morning at NCF, our Kingdom Creativity Conference leadership team ministers prophetically through dance, painting, and poetry. Caleb Parker teaches how dance is a language of movement and Taylor Parker ministers beautifully in partnership with the Holy Spirit.  Later, Anais Reding ministers through a painting and Kalyn Burke through poetry. (December 4, 2016).

P R O P H E T I C  M I N I S T R Y : " A  S O N G  F O R  M A T T H E W "
Caleb Parker and Aaron Means, members of our Kingdom Creativity Conference team, minister prophetically through music and poetry (November 27, 2016).

Shawn - Painting by Kalyn Burke 2016 T E S T I M O N Y : " S H A W N "

I would like to share this amazing story with you.

Do you believe God can speak through a painting? Or heal through a poem? Or set people free through music? I do.

Romans 1:20 says, "For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.” The Holy Spirit within us desires to release the same revelatory power he imparted into His creation through the things we make in partnership with Him. Our drawings can reveal God's heart to heal; our paintings can be a window into the spirit; our poetry can break bondages; our songs can prophesy destiny; our dances can demolish strongholds. The most creative One of all dwells in us, and He wants to create with us for His glory!

Just weeks ago I experienced firsthand the freedom and hope God can bring through creativity.

I was visiting a church about an hour away from my hometown in Oklahoma. The church was hosting a creativity conference. Someone from my church had gifted me with a trip to this conference. Amazingly, she was unaware that the Lord had been speaking to me about hosting our very own creativity conference in January! And this just “happened” to be only a couple weeks before preparations would begin for our conference. She said the Holy Spirit had put it on her heart to take me to this creativity conference. Wow! God is amazing.

On Saturday night of the conference, November 12, 2016, I was asked to paint during worship. That night we were going after physical healing through our prophetic paintings. So with my paints and canvas, I began to create in the presence of the Lord. I knew exactly what I was supposed to paint, for I’d seen the image clearly in my mind earlier that evening.

The Presence of the Lord was wonderfully tangible in the room. Each stroke of my brush was an expression of worship to the King of kings. The roar of a worshiping congregation electrified the air. As I worked, my heart loved on the Lord. I heard Him say, “I share my brush with you.” I smiled and tears filled my eyes as my canvas transformed into a masterpiece.

To be honest, I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to finish the painting before worship was over. Normally, this level of painting would take me hours to complete. But I chose to trust the Lord and I asked Him to help me finish on time. I continued to paint and worship. Amazingly, as the worship team played the final song, I found myself painting the finishing touches. As the music softened, I had thoughts of more details I could add, but the Holy Spirit said with a smile, “It’s done.” I smiled too and stepped back to admire the work I’d done in partnership with the Father. Wow. I was amazed. I had finished perfectly on time and the painting was wonderful. When we create from His heart, we release His heart.

After worship, the conference leader called the painters up to minister through their paintings. I had been hearing the name “Shawn” all day long, as if someone was whispering the name to my heart as I went about my day. I was new to this church and didn’t know anyone, let alone their names. So this would be a risk. But in Holy Spirit boldness, I stepped up to the mic and said, “I’ve been hearing the name ‘Shawn’ all day. And I also heard ‘Mastiff.’” The leader asked, “Is there a Shawn here? Does that name mean anything to anyone?” The room was quiet. I was nervous, my heart pounding as I desperately scanned the crowd for a raised hand. “Does anyone have the middle name Shawn? Or a son named Shawn?” The leader asked. Suddenly, to my relief, a lady on the second row raised her hand and said, “I have a son named Shawn.” “Well yeah! Come on up!” The leader exclaimed with a smile, motioning for her to come up. She came up to the front and her husband, Shawn’s father, came as well.

“I love this painting,” The leader said, “He’s really experiencing joy!” She held up the painting, who we would soon find out was Shawn.

“Share about your painting,” she smiled and handed me the mic.

I stepped forward and described the piece to the precious couple who came up to receive it, “This is the anointing of God’s promise. The rainbow colors represent God’s promise. Great big drops are falling. His head is back and he’s receiving the fullness of what God has.” Their eyes widened and the husband and wife looked at each other, amazed. The man shook his head and lifted his hand in wonder and worship.

The leader asked them, “So what does this mean to you, about Shawn and about promises and about what God is saying?” The man had his hand on his head, still nodding and chuckling in amazement. The leader laughed with him and said, “I think you know, so let us know, let us all know.”

The man sighed deeply, “Oh. I have a son. He made a mistake. And now he’s given his heart to Jesus. And this means freedom for him. He’s been seeking freedom. He’s been seeking freedom for years.”

The room lit up with tangible awe.

“Whoah…This is huge, isn’t it?” The leader gasped, mouth open and eyes wide. “I love God!!!” The whole room was amazed by what the Holy Spirit had just done before our very eyes. She continued, “Alright. So the great thing about prophetic art is that it can also have a double meaning. So if you have any loved ones who need freedom, who need the promises of God, I want you to stand up. Let’s go after this! If you have anybody in your family who needs freedom. Yeah, come on! I’m standing in for my sister. This is awesome. Don’t you love this?” She exclaimed, holding the painting high, “Because, he’s really experiencing joy, isn’t he?” She began to pray, “So Father God, we just release to Shawn joy. And that all of the promises, ALL of the promises, all of the prayers that you both have prayed for him, that your family has prayed, we say, God, bring joy back into Shawn’s life, bring freedom to his life. And just put on your lips any person you want to see get freedom, just say it out loud. We speak freedom for my sister, for others, for everyone who needs freedom. We just release it. Whoah.” The murmurs of faith-filled prayers began to rise in the room. “And we pray for the raindrops of heaven to fall; all the promises for every loved one that you have prayed for, we stand in the gap and we say, God, come and pour out your rain! Your promises upon every one of them. We just lift them up to you, and we thank you, Father, for your promises. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

Then, the wife stepped forward and added to the wonder when she said, “And this actually looks like Shawn!” More murmurs of amazement and awe poured forth from all of us.

“Wow, that’s amazing. I could go home right now, I feel so good!” The leader laughed.

With great joy, I presented the painting of Shawn to his parents. What an honor to partner with the Holy Spirit to deliver such a beautiful, personal promise to their family.

Later, after the meeting, the lady who received the painting came up to me and shared the details of Shawn’s story. She said 22 years ago, at age 17, her husband's son, Shawn, chose to move out of their home and go live with his mom. It wasn’t a good situation there, and alcohol was involved. He eventually made a bad decision which sent him to prison. Later, while in prison, Shawn gave his life to Jesus. After getting saved, he led many men to the Lord in prison. He tried several times for parole with no luck, becoming more and more discouraged with each rejection. About six months ago, Shawn became extremely discouraged because he hadn't been given the freedom from prison he desired and had been praying for.

She also said that one day in prayer a couple months ago, a spiritual song came to Shawn’s granny which she sang over him. The words of her song were "Showers of blessings…” with mercy drops falling all around. Then this weekend I received the name "Shawn" with the painting of anointed drops of promise "showering" his elated face. She said again with amazement that the painting even looked like Shawn.

I was even more in awe of what God was doing and the weight of the situation hit me. 22 years of seeking freedom. And today the Lord chose me to prophetically paint the reassurance of His promise to His children. What an honor.

I left the conference the next day and returned home, still basking in the wonder of what God had done in my painting and the artwork of others. In just one weekend we had seen people healed from scoliosis, receive specific encouragement, and more. What an amazing, supernatural conference.

That week I went back to work. Wednesday morning, November 16, (just four days after the painting) I received a text message from my friend who had taken me to the conference. She said Shawn’s parents were trying to track me down because they had a testimony to tell me. She gave me their number and I excitedly called the couple who had received my painting. The wife answered and as she began to tell the story, I was astounded by the news.

She said that this morning (Wednesday), she received a phone call with long-awaited news. The parole board had just approved Shawn for release after 22 years of waiting.

Wow, Jesus!! 😭🙌🏼🙌🏼

She said it will be a year before his actual release because he has to complete some classes first. But he is approved and the process is now in motion after all those years. Wow!

In complete awe and celebration, we rejoiced and cried together over the phone. Their years of prayer had culminated in a beautiful answer. Through a song from his granny and a painting from a stranger, God showered blessing, promises, and the anointing of freedom over His precious son, Shawn.

One of the wonderful things about a testimony is that God wants to do it again! The Bible itself is a testimony that God can—and wants—to do the impossible in our lives! If you or someone you know is believing God for physical or spiritual freedom, please receive Shawn’s testimony as your own. Let the anointing of God’s promise shower you today with big drops of joy.

J O I N  T H E  J O U R N E Y
The Creator of creativity wants to partner with YOU in every area of your life.  What were you made to create?