posted Mar 9, 2018, 6:57 AM by Dale Barnes

“A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength.” (Prov.17:22 NLT)

A while back,  I was driving on my way to a meeting.  I was feeling very tired, lousy and aching all over. I decided to start praising the Lord for all he had done for me; forgiving my many sins, giving me a new life within, being a faithful shepherd through my lifetime. I was doing this loudly in my car.  All of sudden, I noticed that all the aching was gone and I felt strengthened.  It always amazes me as I experience his grace. I went on to the meeting and had a great time.  I had not prayed for help, but had chosen praise and thanksgiving for God’s love and faithfulness; his blessing came. I had decided to take a cheerful attitude whether circumstances changed or not!

Paul and Silas were in a very difficult and violent circumstance. (Acts 16:22-31)  Misjudged, beaten and put in jail. Yet, in the midst of all this, they chose to loudly pray and sing praises to God.  I believe they saw God bigger than all the adversities. There is no indication that Paul and Silas knew what would happen. They decided to honor God over the circumstances.  God turned the bad into good! He can do that!

It is a challenge to make this reaction a part of our lives.  It not only sets the stage for God to act as he is honored, but it liberates us inwardly.  There can be a sense of inward release; peace and freedom that defies the adversity. Even if the outward dilemma does not change, there is a sense of victory within as we honor Christ.  As a  Christian, I want this attitude even more in my life.  I invite you to join me!