ADVENTURING WITH GOD! (Part #3) 5-14-2017

posted May 28, 2017, 8:50 AM by Dale Barnes

The apostle Paul tells us to “offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to transformed by renewing your mind.”(Ro.12:1-2)  We are on a new path and we have a new leader; Jesus Christ.  Let us choose this above all things and show it by spending time with him in the scriptures and the fellowship of prayer.  It becomes very real.

“Whosoever believes (trusts) in me (Jesus), as the scripture has said, streams of living water shall flow from him.”(Jn.7:38 NIV) God’s life will flow and bring forth all we need to start and finish God’s will for our lives. It is very real as Jesus says.

Each of us have gifts or talents that differ according to God’s plan for our lives. As we open ourselves to him, he will lead us.  Spending time with the Lord; making yourself available; opens the the doorway to God’s purposes for you. From personal experience, I have found God faithful to guide and open doors of service.

Finances can be a touchy subject for many. Giving can be a difficult challenge, but God can and will guide you.and even challenge you, at times, and you will see the provision to supply your needs, and the needs of others through you. It is only as we are willing to adventure with Christ, we will see he is faithful in finances as well as other areas of our lives.

We are called to the fellowship of Christ. He is the leader; we are the followers.  What a wonderful call to follow one who is perfect; he makes the path clear and bids us follow that we might be a blessing and see God’s glory revealed.  Let’s follow him by trusting and obeying him, and see what he will do with our lives!!