posted Jan 4, 2012, 3:16 PM by Dale Barnes
Hand me downs are good and used items can be a great blessing especially when the money is tight.  Many of us have seen these kinds of blessings.  However, there is something nice about getting a new item; something brand new.  It is fresh.  What a blessing!

The real Christian way is like that.  It is new from beginning to end.  It begins with a New Birth. (I Pet.1:3)  It is the reality of Gods presence that we have not had before.  We may have been religious, but this is different and very real.  Of course, with this comes a new life. (Ro. 6:3-4)  There is new direction for us as we follow Christ.  We are motivated by new desires.  It is a new walk with the Lord.  We have a new leader; Jesus Christ himself. (Col.2:6)  He is the good shepherd who never fails.

Then there are future events that God has promised and they will happen at the right time; Gods time. We are going to get a new body. It will be like Christs resurrected body. (Phil.3:20-21)  It wont be subject to disease or death.  What an event that will be.  One day our whole living environment will change.  There will be a new heaven and new earth; everything wrong will be removed. (Rev.21:1-5)  God says, “I am making everything new.”  Finally, through out all of eternity, God is going to be leading us into new things. (Eph.2:7)  

Who can have all of this?  Everyone may come!  It is all found in and through Jesus Christ.  He is the way, the truth and the life.  Come to him, trust him and begin following him. He died for your sins and mine.  Now he is alive to forgive, and lead us into all of this we have mentioned.  We celebrate a new year, but newness in Christ is the greatest and lasts forever.