posted Dec 13, 2014, 11:28 AM by Dale Barnes

There is a saying: “God is my Father; Jesus is my brother, but the Devil ain’t no kin at all!”  It is very obvious, in beginning, that this in not the best english, but there is a very important truth in these words.  This is made clear in many places in the scriptures.

BEFORE CHRIST: We all are dead in our sins; following the ways of this world and the evil spiritual powers that control it. All are following this way of disobedience, gratifying the cravings of our selfish nature.  Objects of God’s anger.

AFTER CHRIST:  Because of God’s love and mercy, we have been made alive with Christ. By grace we have been saved; spiritually raised with Christ.  So that in the coming ages we will receive grace and kindness through Christ.  It is all a gift of God, so no one can boast!

We are God’s workmanship, made new in Christ, his Son, and we are given good works to do that God prepared in advance.  God has plans for us in this life and the life to come!  What a gracious, loving God!!  (Eph. 2:1-10)       

BEFORE: Once we were separated from God and enemies in our minds because of our evil behavior.

AFTER: Now God has brought us into a right relationship with himself to present us holy as we continue in the walk of faith; steady in the Hope of  sharing his glory one day. Col.1:21-23)

God has qualified us to share with all true believers in the inheritance of God’s eternal kingdom.  He has rescued us from the dominion of darkness & evil, and brought us into the kingdom of Jesus, his Son.  Our sins are all forgiven! (Col.1:12-14)

The Lord has done great things for us! Let’s now give ourselves fully to him, so his works may be accomplished in and through us. Works that will count forever.