posted Dec 1, 2012, 8:47 AM by Dale Barnes
“Blessed is the man who you choose, and cause to approach you, that he may dwell in your courts.  We shall be satisfied with the goodness of your house of your holy temple.” (Ps.65:4)

This is an amazing verse.  It gives us some wonderful encite to God’s dealing with human lives.  First, it tells us plainly that God is the initiator of his relationship with a person.  God must move on us some way to awaken us to the value of knowing God in a real way.  The Bible tells us that “there is none who seeks after God.” (Ro.3:11)  The true blessing begins with a desire or interest in coming to God.  No wonder Jesus said, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.” (Mt.5:6)  If this is the case in your life, the blessing has begun.  Keep going!

Also God causes us to approach Him.  We begin to take practical steps because of his desire that is planted in our hearts.   It may take different forms.  You may start praying to God about your longing for God and his ways.  You may start reading your Bible on a regular basis.  Maybe you begin to go to church, or start back to church, wanting to learn about or hear from God.  It may start by talking to others that you think could help you find God.  God is behind it all, causing you to approach Him.  God’s blessing is in continuing!

What is the purpose for this wooing of God?  “That you dwell in his courts (presence).”  God wants you to know and fellowship with him.  He wants you to experience his life, his reality, his wisdom and his purpose for your life.  Have you ever stayed in someone’s house and received the invitation to “help yourself to anything in the house.”  Their refrigerator is available with all kinds of luscious things, but as you enjoy the food the supply will eventually run out.  It is limited.  God tells us we will be “satisfied with goodness of his house.”  There is no limit; there is endless supply of wonderful things in his house.  His desire is for us to freely partake of his benefits.  The end result of God drawing you, causing you to approach him, is the vastness of his endless reality and supply  forever.  

If your desire is aroused to pursue God, you will find him through Jesus Christ.  He is drawing you to himself and he wants to give you all that is his for eternity.  There is no better deal than this!