posted Jun 29, 2015, 8:25 AM by Dale Barnes

The faithfulness of God is an enticing thing!  That thought has been a challenge to me for many years. The Bible tells me he is the “faithful God.” As I have read the scriptures, I find that he is faithful over and over again to individuals.  The promises that he makes, he keeps!  His faithfulness has really enticed me!

Years ago, as I was beginning in the ministry, I needed and found a lightweight summer suit on sale for $30. In those days, $30 was quite a bit of money.  My wife and I prayed about this need. We did not have the money. A few days later I received a letter from an Aunt of mine who has never wrote before or after this one letter. She said that she wanted to send a gift to help us in our ministry. It was $30!

I was filling in for a pastor, years ago, in south Texas. I had been praying for the sermon for  the coming Sunday service for a number of days. I did not seem to get any direction. Sunday morning came; still no message. I began to get more nervous as the service time of 10 a.m. drew near. I was desperate!  Suddenly, at 9:45, verses began to fill my mind so quickly I hardly had time to scribble them down. The message was “the faithfulness of God.”  The Lord was teaching me and encouraging the people.

How can you and I really know and experience God’s faithfulness?  I believe the key is putting our life and our trust in Christ. He is alive and ready to be our faithful shepherd  He will lead us in a life that will be the best for us now and for eternity. His faithfulness is not limited to pastors, but to all who will trust him.