CHRIST'S CHURCH! 1-18-2015

posted Jan 27, 2015, 1:30 PM by Dale Barnes

I became a Christian in November 1956 in Japan while a member of the U.S. Air force.  Shortly after, a friend and I traveled to visit some missionaries.  While talking with one, I asked him; Which group or church should I join?  There are so many. Which one is right?  Wisely, he did not answer my question directly, but handed me a church card and said, I have heard that God is working in a wonderful way at this church. If you get an opportunity, it would be good to go by and visit.

On my way back to my base, I prayed that the Lord would get me stationed near Waco, Texas if he wanted me to visit this church.  My orders came in a few days later, I was stationed at Ft. Worth, Texas, 85 miles from Waco.  I had a wonderful time there. Was it a perfect church? No! But God taught me many good things while there that laid a solid foundation for my Christian life.  

The real church (Called out ones) is made up of individuals around the world who have responded to the gospel message.  They have opened their hearts to Christ, put their trust in him as their Saviour and Lord. Their sins are forgiven and they have a new life by the Holy Spirit. The church is growing in China and the Far east.  Though persecuted, God is calling out people in the Middle East. The church is South America is expanding in many places. All over the World, people are responding to the call of Christ to trust and follow him.  The meetings and outward forms vary, but the Lord is building his church. (Mt.16:18)

God’s love gift, the good news, is still offered to all through Christ.  Be sure it is yours!  Come and follow Jesus!