posted Jul 7, 2012, 6:23 AM by Dale Barnes
Come! Now is the time to worship.  Come! Now is the time to give your heart.  Come! Just as you are to worship. Come!  Just as you are; before your God. Come!  

I am sure many have heard the words of this chorus. It is a challenge and invitation to come to Christ and worship. The chorus mentions the Biblical fact that one day every knee will bow, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, but the greatest treasure will be for those who do it now.  

Come! Now is the time to worship!  When most think of worship, their thoughts go to a religious service where there is singing, Bible reading and preaching.  Really the essence of worship goes deeper.  You can have a religious service without any worship.

A dictionary definition: “the reverent love and allegiance accorded to a deity, idol or sacred object.”  The greek words for worship combine ideas of “falling down before, paying homage to, and serving.” Someone has said, “recognizing the worth of God and offering our honor, praise and adoration to the one who is altogether worthy.”

When God gave his son for all people, where “none were righteous, no not one;”  where ”none seek God;” it is truly amazing. (Ro.3:10,11)  God so loved the world!  Because of Christ’s death for us, God will freely forgive and give a new life to all who will come to Christ; trust and follow him. It is truly amazing!  That is why the song mentioned above is very appropriate. Come! Now is the time to worship. Now is the time to “fall down before, pay homage to, and serve Jesus Christ.  Believer or unbeliever; now is the time!