CONTRASTED LIFE (part #4) 7-17-2011

posted Jul 18, 2011, 9:51 AM by Dale Barnes
There are vital ingredients to the new life in God.  Humility is one! The Bible tells us that “it is God who works in us both to will (desire) and to do his good pleasure.” (Phil.2:13)  It also tells us that when Jesus found himself as a man, he humbled himself. (Phil.2:8)  He chose God’s way rather than a self-centered way.  Again, it is written, “This is the one I esteem: he who is humble and contrite in spirit, and trembles at my word.” (Is.66:2b NIV)  The Lord teaches the humble his way and guides them in what is right. (Ps.25:9)  Humility is so important!

Without faith we cannot please God.(Heb.11:6)  We come into this new life in God through faith.  We are declared right with God through faith in Christ.  We walk in this new relationship with God by trusting him day by day.  In a real sense, trusting God is putting ourselves in his hands, and looking to him to guide and help us to walk in his life.  He has made great promises, and by them we participate in God’s life and reality. (2 Pet.1:4)  God and Christ are the objects of our trust; not our abilities, manipulations, or religion.

An attitude of praise and thanksgiving is a practical expression of our trust in God.  If we believe he is God and has promised to guide and use our lives, our hearts and tongues can offer praise to God continually. (Heb.13:15)  As we offer thanks to God, it honors him, and opens the way for his life and blessings to flow. (Ps.50:23)

Finally, obedience!  That scares many, and seems confining, but really it can be challenging and liberating.  We are trusting and obeying the one who has loved us and given himself for us.  We can trust and follow the “good shepherd” who is always faithful.  It is called the obedience of faith. (Ro.1:5)

This is a new, real, living relationship with the only true God through Jesus Christ.  It is free to all who will come to Christ.  It will last forever!