posted Jun 13, 2011, 7:41 AM by Dale Barnes
Peter had been a fisherman all his life until the time Jesus called him to “follow me.”
Fishing had been his life’s work, and there was a certain satisfaction he found in doing it.  He knew it inside out and probably felt a certain amount of security in fishing.

Peter followed Jesus for three years during Christ’s earthly ministry.  He experienced challenges to his faith during that time, but he “hung in there” saying, “Where else shall we go, you have the words of eternal life.” (Jn.6:68)  There is much he did not understand, and when the betrayal and crucifixion of Christ took place and he denied the Lord Jesus three times, it threw him into more confusion.  Then Jesus appeared to him and the other apostles; he was amazed as all the others.  Yet he still did not seem to understand the significance of all that was happening.

He tells some of the other disciples, “I am going fishing.”  He was going back to something he knew; something that gave security.(Jn.21)  Then Jesus stood on the shore and called to these men to come and have breakfast, and “bring some of the fish.”(v10)  He did not need the fish for the breakfast; it was already prepared.  Then Jesus asked the question; “ you truly love me more than these?  He was talking about fish and fishing. This thing that drew Peter away when things were difficult.

Christ had called Peter to serve him, to follow him; inspite of difficulties, and Peter had turned back to that which he could control, he understood and gave him comfort.  Jesus was now calling Peter to follow him and not turn back.  “If you love me, do my will no matter the circumstances.”

I believe this is a calling to all Christians.  If we love him, then we are to set our hearts to follow him.  There are going to be challenges to turn back, to give up, to compromise, but our calling is to please God; keep following, obeying and finish his work.