GOD’S GPS UNIT! 02-27-11

posted Mar 3, 2011, 2:37 PM by Web Admin
A few months ago I was given a GPS unit.  Before that my navigation equipment consisted of maps, my limited knowledge, friend’s advice and local convenient store employees.  This GPS was something new.

It is a wonderful devise.  Maybe not perfect, but definitely a great help.  As I used it on a recently trip, I began to see the similarities with God’s help for our lives. However, the GPS is imperfect, but God is perfect.

I wanted to visit people in places where I had never heard of before.  I knew the address and city, but had no idea how to get there.  As I followed the guidance step by step, I wound up moving right in front of my destination. I heard, “You have reached your destination.”  I have found that Christ is truly “the good shepherd.”  As I have followed him step by step, he has led me into his purposes for my life.  He never “lets you down.”  He is the way.  Heaven is my final destination.  Just as he has directed me while here, he will get me safely home.     
He will do the same for you.

This GPS is a wonderful devise!  Wherever you turn it on, it will guide you from that spot.  At times I would change locations then turn on the GPS.  Immediately, it would lead me from that point.  In the same way, God started his leading and work in my life.  He will do the same for you.  Sometimes as Christians, we may have turned off our walk with God, through neglect, discouragement, or disobedience.  However, as we turn back to God in humility looking to him again, he will begin, from that point, to direct our lives again.  Why?  He loves us and is ready to help.

The GPS units have to be updated to stay current with changes and new developments in road ways.  Christ’s GPS needs no updates.  All we have to do is keep it on.  Put your life into God’s hands, trust him; keep looking to him. He will lead your life now into his best. You will not be disappointed!  “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not be in want.” (Ps.23:1 NIV)