GOOD GROUND! 2-4-2018

posted Mar 9, 2018, 6:23 AM by Dale Barnes

Lu.8: 4-15 is  the parable of the sower. A very important truth revealed to us. First the bad or unproductive ground. V12 is the hard ground where the seed cannot penetrate and grow. V13 is the rocky soil. There is no depth. When times of testing come people give up and quit. V14 is the thorny ground. Life’s worries, riches and pleasures cause the seed not to develop and mature.

The good soil stands for those with a noble (honest) and good heart, who hear the word (the truth of God), retain it, and by persevering produce a crop. I believe this is one of the most important parables Jesus tells.

An honest and good heart. They are willing to consider carefully the message of God that comes to them. They value what they hear even though they may not have full understanding. They are listening!  Then, it says, they retain or hold on to it. They don’t let other things or circumstances keep them from seeking its work in their lives. They realize God is speaking to them. If it is God, it must be important! Even eternally important! They embrace the word for themselves. They make it personal.  Finally, they persevere in applying it to their lives. I don’t mean they never stumble, but they rise up and continue to walk in God’s way.. The only one who is perfect is Christ himself. As followers of the Lord Jesus, they keep following step by step and produce fruit. This is good ground!

Are you reading and listening to the Bible?  It is for you and can show you the state of your heart. It can cause you to be truly fruitful, I believe, as we are honest, God can change us and cause us to produce a good crop. The harvest will have eternal consequences. It is good to stop, consider God’s word and make adjustments that really count.