Have you thought about what will last?

posted Apr 2, 2011, 2:24 PM by Dale Barnes   [ updated Apr 4, 2011, 2:26 PM ]
Have you thought about what will last? 3-27-11

“What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? (Mt.16:26 NIV)

Jesus asks this question. It would be good if we stop and consider this. In our society it is so important that we “get ahead.” We want so badly to gain recognition. We want to have fame or riches. Success is demonstrated by what we have achieved; how much money we have; how much land we own. Jesus asks this penetrating question; if you gain it all, and never find that which lasts, what have you really gained? In the end you will be empty having missed that which lasts forever. Should we spend all our time seeking and living for the temporary?

It is worthwhile to take our eyes off the things about us, and assess our life. Are we making any plans for eternity? Have we given in any thought to this? Have we allowed the ideas of others that seem to have status in the religious world, to convince us that they know what is right, and we never stop to investigate ourselves? The Bible tells to “seek the Lord while he may be found.”(Is.55:6) We are told that “if we seek the Lord with all our heart, we will find him.” (Jer.29:13-14) Jesus himself said, “ seek and you will find.”(Mt.7:7) It seems that we are challenged to pursue until we have found God in reality. Don’t leave it to chance, but find out and find him.

How can we seek? If you really “mean business”, there some practical steps you can take. Talk to people that seem to have something real with God in their lives. You can tell by their lives and character. Ask them questions. Get you a Bible and start reading, especially in the New Testament, asking God to make the truth clear to you. Don’t be afraid to talk to God and ask him for help. He gives grace (unmerited favor) to the humble! What God offers is found in his Son, Jesus. It is not earned, but freely given to those to want his help. God will not turn away the sincere heart that seeks him.