i have come to do your will! 10-8-2017

posted Nov 19, 2017, 5:31 PM by Dale Barnes

“...when Christ came into the world, he said: Sacrifice and offering you did not desire, but a body you have prepared for me; with burnt offerings and sin offerings you were not pleased. Then I said, ‘Here I am--it is written about me in the scroll--I have come to do your will, O God.’” (Heb.10:5-7 NIV) (quoted from Ps.40:6-8)

God never was satisfied with rituals and religious forms. It was never God’s final answer to his relationship with man. This is the heart of God’s plan. His son, Jesus came into this world and was given a body. He came here to do God’s will.  Christ came to go to a cross, give his life freely, doing God’s will, so that you and I could be free from the guilt and control of sin.  He purchased our freedom, so that we could be accepted by God and have a true relationship with the eternal one. Jesus made the way possible!

In these days God is making known this wonderful truth to all mankind. Missionary work is going on all over the world, telling men, women and children that they can be forgiven of any and all sins, and they can know God in reality. It is not found in religious rules and rituals It is not located in religious memberships, but in trusting this one who died for us and then opening our hearts to God. He will do exceeding, abundantly more than you could ask or think.       

The message is going out!  I encourage you to act on it and simply come to Christ, put your life in his hands and see what he will do.The Bible tells us that whoever believes in him.will not be ashamed.  I have found it true for my life, and it will be the same for you.  ..