JESUS-THE EXAMPLE (Part #2) 3-27-2016

posted Apr 18, 2016, 8:45 AM by Dale Barnes

His popular years in ministry! (Lu.4:15)  He taught and everyone praised him.  Big crowds came to hear his teaching. All kinds of miracles were taking place. Instantly,

people were healed of diseases; a number of individuals were raised from the dead. This was a wondrous time of blessing as the kingdom of God was being made real to people.   

He did not become self-centered. (Jn:5:17-20) He let his Father (God) continue to guide. “My Father is always at work...and I, too, am working...the Son can do nothing by himself; he can only do what he sees his Father doing...the Father loves the Son and shows him all he does “ (Jn.8:25-29) He spoke what God had taught him. “What I have heard from him I tell the world,,,I do nothing on my own but speak just as the Father has taught me.”

(Jn.6:14-15) He withdraw when the crowd wanted to make him king. Did not desire the exaltation by man, only by God.  (Mt.8:4, Lu.8:56) Many times, he would tell those whom he  healed not to tell anyone.  He was not sidetracked by popularity or rejection, but moved on doing God’s will.

When urged by his half-brothers to go the Jewish feast, and “show off yourself”; he told

them that his time had not yet come. So he stayed in Galilee. He was submissive to

God’s leading in his life.(Jn.7:1-9)  Because of this commitment to do God’s will; he

has been exalted to highest place in God’s kingdom. A place of honor that will

last for all eternity.(Phil.2:8-11) This has also set an example for us. As we follow his

example, eternal honor awaits us.