JESUS IS REAL! (Part #3) 1-24-2016

posted Feb 2, 2016, 12:55 PM by Dale Barnes

The first thing, and the big thing, that faced me as I chose to trust and follow Jesus, was “is this real?”  An Air Force buddy of mine shared with me how real it was when he made a decision to receive Christ as his savior. He was so excited as he shared his testimony.  I knew I needed a savior when I would stand before God one day. But when I prayed with a Chaplain one evening, asking Christ to forgive me and come into my life, I had no emotional experience. Nothing seem to happen. I wondered, “did I say the words right?”  Was I sincere enough? Was I forgiven? Was I a true Christian?  I had many questions and many doubts. However, I continued to attend the Christian services.

About two weeks later, as I was leaving my duty post in the late afternoon, a thought crossed my mind. I had been told that I should tell someone about my decision to trust Christ and follow him. So as I drove away from my post with two men in the seat beside me, I decided to share.  I told them of my decision to trust and follow Christ, that he had died for my sins, paid the penalty, and God had forgiven me. This is about all I knew at the time.

All of a Sudden, I was filled with a tremendous joy.  I thought I would explode.  It is not something I worked up or something I asked for.  It happen as I was talking about Jesus and His forgiveness.  All I could think of was getting these two men out of the truck as soon as possible, so I  could shout, praise and give thanks.  Jesus is real!!  The Bible talks about this reality, but now I had experienced it personally. I am a witness; he is alive and real!