LOOKING AHEAD! (Part #3) 8-17-2014

posted Aug 16, 2014, 7:59 AM by Dale Barnes

“You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit. and that your fruit should remain…” (Jn.15:16 NKJ)  It is Christ that initiates the work in our lives.  (There is none who seeks God, no not one. Ro.3:11))  He has a purpose in doing so.  He wants us to produce good fruit that will have lasting value.  It will be fruit that will bring praise and glory to God. (Jn.15:8)  

We cannot produce a good crop by our own wisdom and strength.  That is why the Lord uses the illustration of vine and branches. (Jn.15)  The branches (you and me) are dependant on the vine (Christ) to be fruitful. God is the gardener, who provides the necessary environment to bring forth the good and proper crop.  Wow! This is truly a perfect setup for lasting, good fruit.  The Bible tells us that God’s way in perfect and He leads us in that perfect way. (Ps.18:30,32)   

We are told in the scriptures to abide in Christ; he is the true vine.  Knowing these things, we are to choose the way of faith.  We are to trust Christ, put our lives in his hands to lead and work his plans in and through us.  Many times this will be a battle, It is a challenge because God will lead us in unexpected ways.  Hard times; difficult circumstances will challenge our trust. Yet, the Bible tells us that “those who trust the Lord will not be disappointed.” Ps.22:4-5)  The one “who did not spared his own Son”, but sent him to die for us so we could have a new life.will not fail!  
We can trust and look forward with confidence.  He loves us and is faithful in every way.