posted Aug 1, 2017, 7:48 PM by Dale Barnes

My idea of God, in my younger years, was “he was a mean old man with a club ready to hit us if he saw us doing anything wrong”  Because of this I wanted to stay as far away from him while living my life. I did not think he cared for me at all. I had clearly  misunderstood God!

Since becoming a follower of Christ and truly looking into the scripture, my view of him has had a slow, but steady, change. He  is not against me, but for me. He has made every provision in his Son, Jesus, so that I could have my many sins forgiven.  He has given me his very life within, through a new birth and work of the Holy Spirit. He is making all things that come into my life work together for my good, and his purposes, for me.(Ro.8:28-29)

He has promised to guide and direct me in the best possible way, and watch over me as he leads. Can you a imagine this; God leading in a perfect way and making sure it is accomplished. (Ps.32:8-10)  We are not  “robots”, but those whom God will lead as we trust him. He is the most loving, faithful one there is. I had fully misunderstood him!

Maybe you are as I was. If so, open your heart and life to him.  Christ died and rose again so that you might truly know God, and have a life that counts for eternity. We can have many honest questions, but as we are open to the Lord, he will give more and more understanding. I recommend him, the one true God, as one to trust with all your heart and let him show you how wonderful he is. “If God be for us, who can be against us! (Ro.8:31)