posted Oct 22, 2013, 3:26 PM by Dale Barnes

The jail experience of Paul and Silas has been used many times.  Bear with me as I share a new excitement from Acts 16.  Here were a couple of servants of God ministering in a new area.  They had seen some success.  However they ran into much difficulty.  These men were severely beaten, feet put in stocks and they were tired; it was midnight.

Most of us would have been praying and  complaining.  However, these two did something really unusual; “they prayed and sang praises to God.”   Sometimes in life as we are doing “right”, circumstances go haywire and we find ourselves “kinda beat up” and hindered by difficulties.  It is easy to get frustrated and just react in a negative way.  Not only did they sing and pray, but did it loud enough where all the prisoners could hear.  It was wholehearted praise!

Now God steps in and does something that shakes the very foundation of their bondage and all their bonds fell off including the bonds of all the prisoners.  Paul and Silas chose to trust and honor God in this hard situation.  God worked and others were helped as well.  Even the jailer was converted when he saw what had happened.  The situation started very badly, but turned around and worked something wonderful.  One of the great keys is these men chose to turn that painful and humiliating event into a “wholehearted prayer and praise time.”  No matter what happened, they had decided to honor God. Their faith set the stage for God to work!

I want to encourage you (and myself) to choose this better way.  If we are Christians why not actively trust God in the difficulties of life; not giving in to discouragement and self-pity.  We believe that God reigns over all things.  Let us practice it with the fruit of our lips.  Who knows what the Lord will do?  Most important; it honors God!