posted Nov 24, 2012, 1:28 PM by Dale Barnes
A missionary in dark China was living a defeated life. Everything about him seemed to be touched with sadness. Although he prayed many months for victory over depression and discouragement no answer came. His life remained quite the same. He determined to leave his post and go to an interior station where he could be quiet and spend long hours in prayer till victory was assured.  Upon reaching the place he was entertained in the home of a fellow-missionary. On the wall of his bedroom hung this motto:                                         
                                           TRY THANKSGIVING!

The two words gripped his heart, and he thought within himself, “Have I been praying all these months, and not been praising?”  He stopped and began to praise God and was greatly unlifted. Instead of hiding away to agonize in prayer, he returned immediately to his waiting, native converts to tell them that “praise changes things.”  Wonderful blessing attended his simple testimony, and the bands that had bounds others were loosed through praise.

“Let all the people praise you, O God; let all the people praise you.  Then shall the earth yield her increase and God, even our own God shall bless us.” (Ps.67:5,6)

Is your “praise note” missing from the heavenly choir? Are you waiting, waiting, yearning for God to answer your prayer. He is waiting to answer. Try thanksgiving!
                                                                      -Mrs. Charles Cowman (Praise Changes Things)