WASTED TIME! 1-3-2016

posted Feb 2, 2016, 12:36 PM by Dale Barnes

 Many parents urge their children to go to college or learn a trade in preparation for their future adult life.  Why?  Young people can be short sighted, making no preparation for their future. They can waste their time! Those who take counsel are more apt to have a satisfying, profitable lifetime.

The Bible tells us to “Remember your creator in the days of your youth…” (Eccles.12:-1-8) Before you get old and lose some or all of the your natural abilities, and finally you pass out of this life. There are many activities to take up our time that have no lasting value. No matter our age, we can use our remaining days to go for the life that builds for eternity with God.

The Bible makes it clear that this present time on the earth, is preparation for eternity that is coming for us all.  The Christian message brings light to us. We are all on the “wrong track” to begin with, but as we turn to Christ, he sets us on God’s way, that is lasting.  We are encouraged to  present our bodies as living sacrifices for God’s use and purposes.(Ro.12:1-2) When the word sacrifice is used, many think of a life of drabness and dreariness. However, the reality of following God’s way brings a sense of lasting purpose and satisfaction. There is a reality with God that goes much further than religious rules.  You and I are privileged to truly walk with God.  We are called to the Fellowship of Christ; a foretaste of the eternal life that is to come.

It is good to stop and take inventory of our time and life. What are we seeking?  How long will it last?  How are we using our limited time on this earth?  Be encouraged to use the little you have now, in preparation for the eternal yet to come.