posted Nov 19, 2017, 5:51 PM by Dale Barnes

What you think is important or valuable is what you will give your time, talent and money toward. It is not just what we say, but what we will do to have what we think is important? The story of Esau (oldest son) and Jacob (youngest son) shows this so clearly. Jacob is cooking some tasty stew and Esau comes in from the field very hungry. Jacob tells him that he will give him some stew if Esau gives Jacob his birthright as the oldest son. Esau does so because of his immediate need. He considers his birthright of little value. He sells something very valuable for a bowl of beans!. (Gen.25:29-34)

Jesus shares two short parables. (Mt.13:44-45) A man finds a treasure in a field, and for the joy of the find, he goes and sells everything he has and buys the field. A man finds one pearl of great price, because of its value, he sells all that he has and buys the pearl. Jesus likens this to the kingdom of God. It is good to stop and consider our life and what is truly valuable. Are we being like Esau, selling our lives for something that has little or no lasting value?  What are we living for?  What do we spend much time and money on?  Be honest! Is our life going for a bowl of beans?

Do we see the value of what Christ is offering us. Are we sowing into the eternal life and kingdom that God is offering us?  There are rewards that will last for eternity. Start a prayer and Bible reading time. God will begin to speak to you.  Make decisions, though hard at times, to live for Christ; to be a help and blessing to others.  Is it worthwhile to live as a true Christian? It is valuable now and for eternity!    .