posted Apr 29, 2012, 7:47 PM by Dale Barnes
Real Christianity is not a bunch of rules to keep, meetings to attend and obligations to fulfill. It is a life of faith in a living Lord, who uses us to accomplish his will.  In Hebrews 11, we can see men and women who took the challenge in their day to fulfill Gods purpose.  They trusted and followed a living God, and their weakness was turned to strength.(11:33-34)

Gideon was one of those.(Judges chaps 6-8) Here is a man called by God to deliver God’s people from their enemy. The call came while he was threshing wheat and hiding from the enemy; he was afraid  God told him to pull down his father’s idols, and he sneaks down at night, because he was afraid of the people, and tore down the idols.  

Gideon call out the people to fight, but had second thoughts.  He said to the Lord. if you going to really use me to deliver Israel, let a wool fleece I put out tonight be covered with dew and the around it be dry.  So it was the next morning.  Just  to be sure, Gideon asked God to do the opposite the next night.  As the battle is about to begin, God tells Gideon to go down to the battle, “but if you are afraid, sneak  close to the enemy’s camp.”  So he did and heard a dream shared by an enemy soldier, telling of Gideon’s victory.  You can see Gideon’s fear and unsureness many times.

Here is a man full of weakness (fears and doubts), but God worked with him, and helped him to bring a great victory for his people. He moved ahead in faith, though small, and his weakness was turned to strength. God challenges us to do the same today!