posted Jul 24, 2012, 2:29 PM by Dale Barnes
“Worship the Lord with gladness. Come before him, singing with joy.  Acknowledge that the Lord is God!  He made us and we are his.  We are his people, the sheep of his pasture.  For the Lord is good.  His unfailing love continues forever, and his faithfulness continues to each generation.” (Ps.100:2-3,5 NLT)

Two weeks ago I shared that worship is to “fall down before, pay homage, to serve.”  This becomes more exciting as we get to know him better.  This is one reason for the Bible. This portion above tells us “to acknowledge” that the Lord is God.  This is not just a teaching, but something to do!   He created us and we are his.  What a truth!  All people belong to him because he created us.  We need to acknowledge this. Fall down. humble ourselves, tell him so. Why?  Because he is good.  His love never fails; His faithfulness is available to every generation.  God is a great God!  He worthy of glad worship!

Look at David’s prayer and exaltation of God. “ Yours, O LORD, is the greatness and the power and the glory and the majesty and the splendor, for everything in heaven and earth is yours.  Yours, O LORD,  is the kingdom; you are exalted as head over all.  Wealth and honor come from you; you are the ruler of all things.  In your hands are strength and power to exalt and give strength to all.  Now, our God, we give you thanks, and praise your glorious name.” (1Chr.29:11-13 NIV)    

Bow down and serve God and his Christ. All belongs to him.  Through Christ, Godis will share his glory with those who trust, bow down and gladly serve Him. His unfailing love and faithfulness are ours in Christ.  Let’s go for his best!