Father's Heart School

Fathers Heart School

This page is about the evening and weekend Father's Heart school.
For more information about Father's Heart individual Prayer Ministry, see our Healing Ministries page.

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Upcoming Father's Heart School 1
May 8-13, 2014
Acquire the foundational tools you can apply to accomplish healing and restoration of the heart.

Classes will be held at NCF and taught by Rich & Anita Manganero
Fee: Alumni $25, 1st time $35
See session topics and info below

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Father's Heart School 1
This evening and weekend school is open to anyone who wants to begin or continue their Spirit-led journey of healing the heart. We all suffer from life's wounds, but our Father wants to heal our hearts and set us free. This school equips you with the tools you need for healing and restoration of the heart.

Session Topics

Foundations of Prayer Ministry & Fruit to Root
God’s Laws affect our lives greatly, they are absolute and eternal, and operate whether we believe them or not. What are the roots to look for when we see negative fruits in our lives? This lesson will look at the four biblical laws and how to understand the Holy Spirit in teaching how they can either be a curse or a blessing.

Accomplishing Forgiveness
What is forgiveness? This lesson is designed to clear up any misconceptions that surround forgiveness, as well as making us see how a lack of forgiveness causes resentments and bitterness in our lives, and blocks God’s love.

Repentance & Restitution
A lesson designed to show the different examples of biblical repentance - ‘Davidic’ repentance and ‘Saulish’ repentance. This study also looks at how restitution can restore trust.

Honoring Father & Mother
What happens when we don't honor our Father and Mother? Is our view of our Heavenly Father tainted by the judgments and dishonor we hold in our hearts towards our primary care givers? We also ask how do we honor those who were abusive to us or who broke our trust.

Basic Trust
Basic Trust is what we are designed by God to develop in our first stages of development as infants. We’ll look at the stages of human development, and how cracks in those stages  cause a breakdown of basic trust, which goes on to impact our relationships with God and those around us.

Performance Orientation
Performance Orientation is not referring to what we do but the heart motives that are the fuel behind what we do. This lesson examines the false motives and the roots that drive us to earn love through what we do. How did we receive value, and why don't we believe we’re valued for who we are not for what we do?

Parental Inversion
False identities are taken on by the child when the parent is either unwilling or unable to adopt their role as parents. What fruit develops when we as children adopt many responsibilities that should be reserved for our primary carers? This study looks at how this ‘inverted identity’ leads to control, fear & burnout and deprives us of the childhood that God designed for us to lead & enjoy.

Bitter Roots
 We will see how bitter roots affect the heart and result in recurring patterns of trouble & destruction. We’ll examine the expectancies that come from bitter roots, which then become able to rob us of abundant life.

Hearts of Stone, Inner Vows & Ungodly Beliefs
How do our hearts become hard & stony, and then form defensive walls that are so thick that we’re unable to receive the Father’s love? This goes on to affect all our relationships. This lesson will also look at how Inner Vows and Ungodly Beliefs are formed and the effect they have on others and on us.

Returning to Joy
 Whenever we’re left without closure on hurts and wounding, it leaves us with voids in our emotions and affects our ability to know the deep joy of the Father. We’ll look at the hope that’s in the Father’s Love through the power of the cross, which allows us to travel back to wounding, bring healing to the heart and return it to joy.

Identifications of Love
Words, gestures, actions and attitudes all affect what we would interpret as our packages of love. We examine how these can become idols in our hearts when they are demanded from those around us, and why we need to put these on the cross in order to know regenerated love that results in giving and receiving true love.

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Facilitated by
Rich & Anita Manganero

Rich and Anita have been serving as executive pastors at Harvest Church Broken Arrow for fifteen years and have received training through Elijah House Ministries, founded by John and Paula Sandford. They have taught the Elijah House “Basic One, Healing Life Hurts” / “Father Heart School” in Honduras, Chile, Canada, and England and across the United States.

Stephen Burke

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