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Father's Heart Prayer Ministry
"A safe place for healing and restoration for your heart."

Why do I need Prayer Ministry?
During the course of a person’s life, patterns of unhealthy behavior are developed as a result of the wounding in our heart and the sinful responses we have had to these wounds.  Bitter roots are a result of un-forgiveness & if they are not brought to the cross, they become the  most  powerful negative force in our life, bringing destruction to ourselves and to those around us.

What is the Purpose of Christian healing through Prayer Ministry?
The purpose of Christian healing is NOT to try and fix those who have wounded us or to place blame on others for the unhealthy patterns in our lives.  Christian healing is accomplished through recognition of bitter roots and the power of forgiveness and repentance through the work of the cross.  When forgiveness and repentance has been accomplished at the heart level, these wounds no longer have the power to control us.

What will I gain from the Prayer Ministry Sessions?
The prayer ministry sessions are designed to help you to recognize and understand the unhealthy patterns in your life and how to effectively deal with them.  Upon recognition, you will be led through a series of prayers that will break the unhealthy patterns through the work of the cross.
Ministry Format
Prayer ministry consists of 12 to 15 hours of personal one-on-one ministry.  All sessions are completely confidential.  Between sessions introspective reading must be completed and a questionnaire filled out.

Prayer Ministers
All NCF prayer ministers have completed the first and second basic schools of the Father Heart School of Prayer Ministry conducted by Rich and Anita Manganaro.  They have also completed an advanced school taught by
Charlie Finck. 

Rich and Anita Manganaro received training through Elijah House Ministries, founded by John and Paula Sandford, and Liberty Cross Ministries, founded by Charley Finck.
Rich and Anita can be contacted through www.harvestchurchba.com.
Charles F. Finck III M.S. has been a counselor and teacher for 19 years.  In the fall of 2001 he left Elijah House and co-founded Liberty Cross Ministries in Liberty Lake Washington.  Charlie specializes in marriage and family counseling and teaches nationally and internationally.
Charlie can be contacted through www.libertycross.org.

Additional information is available at www.divinelydesigned.com.

The Life History form and waiver must be filled out and turned in two weeks before the ministry time.  Then a packet of required reading will be sent.  The reading must be completed before the scheduled ministry time.

During sessions, all required homework must be completed in the time allotted.  This is necessary for you to receive the full benefits of your Prayer Ministry sessions. 

For more information, or to schedule prayer ministry, please contact
Stephen Burke
9:00-12:00 & 1:00-5:00, Mon-Thurs 

Please provide your contact information and a member of the Prayer Ministry Department will respond.
$75.00 per person or $125.00 per couple.  We are a ministry therefore the full amount may not be required.
There is no charge to NCF members.

Father's Heart Resources:

Charlie Finck, author of As We Forgive Those, visits NCF and teaches how to accomplish forgiveness of ourselves, God, and others. 

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Liberty Cross Ministries

Divinely Designed

Father's Love Letter

To download & listen to the Father's Love Letter mp3, or to download & read the pdf version,
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For more information about the Father's Heart School of Prayer Ministry, visit Father's Heart School

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