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Opportunity to Help the Reeves

posted Apr 28, 2011, 10:12 AM by Ellen Summers

This Friday night at The Coffee House on 3rd street in Stillwater,
6:30-10:30 (come and go), a benefit concert to help a family adopt a
baby from Korea. With kids games, art sale, bake sale and fun!

My co-worker and I are coordinating this event to help raise money for
my manager's family. (Aaron and Terri Reeves). They have been working
to raise money to adopt a baby from Korea. They still need $9000. So
my co-worker and I were talking cuz we wanted to do something to help.
This is what we came up with. We really hope it will be a blessing to
this family, the child being adopted, and the community!

There will also be kids games in the parking lot, bake sale,
McAlester's sweet tea, and a few things in an art sale. It will all be
by donations.

Hope to see u there! It will be a blast!! :)
Thanks so much,
Kalyn Robinson