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Prayer Requests

posted May 5, 2011, 10:11 AM by Ellen Summers
Pray for Dale and Thresa, as they travel, in California due to the recent passing of their brother-in-law, Cliff Ross. Cliff had just past his 90th birthday.

Please pray for Diana Richardson who is Bev Bittle’s sister. She is on dialysis and needs to be ready for a kidney/pancreas transplant. They want prayer that her doctors will know how to direct her treatment so she will be healthy enough for the transplant.

Please remember Leon Ritter, who is Christie Cannon’s father. His cancer is out of remission. They want prayer for wisdom and clarity of mind so he will know the right choice to make in his treatment options.

When you pray during the week, remind yourself of these prayer requests and take the time to petition the Lord on their behalf.