Video Resources

"Generation Truth Youth Carwash Promo 2017"
An NCF Creative Media Team Production
See how the GT Youth save the day in this hilarious infomercial-style promo.
YouTube Link

"What Were You Made to Create?"
An NCF Creative Media Team Production
2017 Kingdom Creativity Conference Promo & Short Film 

What Were You Made To Create

"The Holy Spirit"
An NCF Creative Media Team Production
Who is the Holy Spirit? Hear from the heart of a young poet in this sweet and sincere video. 

The Holy Spirit

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"Tongues of Fire"
An NCF Creative Media Team Production
In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams. Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my Spirit in those days, and they will prophesy." (Acts 2:17-18 NIV)

Tongues of Fire - Conference Promo

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"Covenant Groups 20XVI: Souls Awaken"
An NCF Creative Media Team Production
Join our Star Wars inspired adventure to learn how a lonely scavenger and her faithful droid find the pieces they've been looking for.

"The Fellowship Dinner"
An NCF Creative Media Team Production
Share the adventure as our heroes save the potluck, bringing order and honor back to the fellowship.

VIDEO: "The Fellowship Dinner"

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"Set My People Free: 2015 WOW Women of Worship Conference Promo Video"
An NCF Creative Media Team Production
Different seasons bring different seas, but you can walk through them all on dry ground.

VIDEO "Set My People Free"

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"Overcoming Fear in the Round Pen"
An NCF Creative Media Team Production
Sometimes new seasons and challenges can be a source of fear.  Lisa Ellis displays the process of horse training to illustrate how we sometimes react in fear without thinking.  But if we choose to trust the Lord to train us, we can overcome our fears.  Jesus has the lead rope; He won't let us run away.  We can trust His gentle training in the round pen as He teaches us to relax in His love.

Sunday 08-16-15

(The audio in the middle section of the video has been removed due to copyright restrictions on the song).

VIDEO: The Round Pen Seasons

"Meet You at the Station: 2015 Conference Promo Video"
An NCF Creative Media Team Production
The 2015 Missions Conference is your full service filling station!  We want to serve you Okie-style!

Meet You at the Station - Video

"Meet You at the Station: Breakout Sessions Video"
An NCF Creative Media Team Production
Breakout Sessions are an intentional, relationship-based opportunity for our missionary guests to share their vision, testimonies, and heart. This video provides details about the Saturday morning Breakout Sessions at The Station
and introduces our missionary guests with an overview of their ministry work.

Meet You at the Station - Breakout Sessions Video

"Ever Be: Worship is an Everyday Expression"
An NCF Creative Media Team Production
Worship Series video
Worship is a lifestyle.  Wherever we are, whatever we do, it's an everyday expression of trust, honor, and adoration. True intimacy comes as worship becomes an everyday expression.

Baptism Service: New Year's Eve 12-31-14
An NCF Creative Media Team Production
Celebrating the outward expression of an inward reality through the testimony of baptism.

Baptism Service 12-31-14

"Silent Thoughts About Small Groups"
An NCF Creative Media Team Production
A funny Covenant Group promo video

"One Drum"
An NCF Creative Media Team Production
An inspiring Covenant Group promo video

"Using the SecureGive System at NCF"
An NCF Creative Media Team Production
An informational video for the SecureGive system at NCF.
Discover the benefits and learn how to use our new digital giving system.

"The Hungry Teens"
An NCF Creative Media Team Production
A Hunger Games-inspired promo video for the Generation Truth Youth summer food drive.

"Preparing for War"
Produced by Ammid Burke & the Men of NCF
We all have our battles.  Take a glimpse into some real-life battlefronts faced by men today and find out how they train their hands for war.

Preparing for War - Video

YouTube Link:

"Distractions - the Chellis Family"
An Ellis Family Production
We all have great intentions, but sometimes we just get distracted. Even when it comes to being definite in spending time with God. Take a look inside the home of the "Chellis family" to see how their week played out.
(Also see message in Listen Now, "A Time of Alignment: Distractions" from Pastor CJ on 09/02/12).


YouTube Link:

"Bringing Home the Gold"
An Ellis Family Production
NCF's own Special Olympian brings home the gold! We're proud of you, Dan!

"Training for a Life of Honor"
An NCF Creative Media Team Production
Generation Truth Youth - Honor Series Commercial

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NCF's Suggested Videos:
Here are some other cool, funny, and/or inspiring videos that we didn't make, but we think you may enjoy.

"Dad Life"
To honor all the dads out there. This video will make you cry...from laughter.

Dad Life

YouTube Link:

"The Evangelism Linebacker"
This is hilarious! A good reason to overcome your fear of witnessing... 

"It Must Be You" (Moses), Bart Millard, Films & Music Inspired by "The Story

It Must Be You

YouTube Link:

"A Prayer for September 11"
This is a prayer and a video of remembrance for all those effected by the events of September 11.

September 11th: A Prayer

"Scientific Studies Show Praying in Tongues Boosts Your Immune System and Heals Your Body"
Praying in tongues has many benefits, like building you up and allowing you to pray out the perfect will of God.
But did you realize it also has positive physical effects on your body? Check out this video to find out more.
Do you have other questions about tongues as a personal prayer language? Check out Listen Now to hear
Pastor CJ's messages on this powerful tool (See Parts 1, 2 and 3, from Sundays 8-14-11, 8-21-11, and 8-28-11).

Tongues Boosts Physical Health

YouTube Link: