Wed Night Word

The valuable resources from Wednesday Night Word are still available to you.  See below for revelatory teachings on hearing the voice of the Spirit, being led, walking in the spirit, moving in the gifts of the Spirit, worship, and the importance of the Word in our lives.

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"Aspects of the Spirit-Led Life"
Greg Kloxin

Walking in the spirit should be as natural as breathing, continuing constantly without thought.  The Spirit-led life is a respiratory process of breathing in the Pnuma life of God and exhaling the toxins and waste of the unregenerate areas of our soul.  Greg Kloxin teaches this series on the Spirit-led life where we look at who the Holy Spirit is, who we are as a triune being, how to recognize the voice of our spirit, and how we take in our life-sustaining spiritual breath.  We are spirit first!

6 Sessions + See the previous series by Ina Rose Koch (below) for the introduction

Part 1: 12/03/14

"Worship: Our Ministry Unto the Lord"
Ina Rose Koch
Ina Rose Koch builds upon the foundation of our study on David's Tabernacle with a teaching on praise and worship.  Everything was created by Him and for Him.  Our ministry is first unto the Lord and then to others.  Our call and first ministry is unto the Lord!  As we maintain that focus, God fulfills His promise to draw near to us and inhabit the praises of His people.  When He inhabits, things happen!  The restoration of David's tabernacle is happening in our midst right now as we choose to minister to the Lord Almighty who loves us.

3 Sessions:

"Restoring David's Tabernacle"
Greg Kloxin
God is preparing us to go to deeper places we've never been before. To go to a place you've never been before, you have to prepare! The lessons we learn from David's tabernacle and the history that precedes it's creation are a critical compass for our journey into deeper encounters with God. Greg Kloxin continues the series on Restoring David's Tabernacle by delivering an understanding of what David's place of worship was born out of. From these events, we learn some very important keys that begin to answer the question, "What must we do to create, nurture, and protect an atmosphere for His Presence and His anointing?" And "How do we do it?" We must do whatever it takes to create and protect this atmosphere!

5 Sessions + 2 Intro Sessions:

"The Practical Word"
Greg Kloxin
What is the Bible to you? Do you have a Word life? Greg Kloxin teaches about the Word of God and how it is absolutely essential to our life, effectiveness and survival. The Bible is the Truth, the Word of God, and our spiritual food.

The living Word is more than words on a page. Just like in the natural, consuming the Word as our spiritual food is essential for our growth and maturity in the spirit. This series includes practical wisdom and advice on how to approach the Word of God to receive revelation for the sustenance our spirit needs.

The "Merismos" portions of this series describe the separating power of God's Word. Our ability to distinguish between soul and spirit is absolutely critical and can only happen through the dividing action of the Word. We learn about this powerful action of the Word, relating the Merismos experiences we see in both Abram and Jesus' walks with God.

6 Sessions:
Part 5: 08/13/14 - "Mersimos, The Dividing Asunder"

"NCF 101"
Greg Kloxin
The purpose of the 101 class is not to provide a detailed teaching on each of the subjects. Rather, the class presents the truths and positions held at NCF to create a foundation for alignment.  By presenting our vision, mission and beliefs, the 101 class will be an important step in building a foundation of unity. We want to come into alignment as a team to accomplish the goals God has for this local body.  101 is laying out our playbook so each person can understand what we're about here at NCF.

3 Sessions + 1 Intro Session:

"A Word for Us: Trust"
Greg Kloxin
The story of Abram is a clinic in trusting God. Greg Kloxin teaches on the elements of developing trust that are displayed as lessons in Abram's life.  Obedience, calling on the Lord, provision, worry, and fear are all addressed in this practical teaching.

2 Sessions: